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Electronic signatures with Jamiesons

We have been busy updating our systems to ensure that we provide you with the best and most accessible services.

Some changes have been made to give you easier access and better management of what you have outstanding. These changes will allow you to sign the documents electronically without the need to print, sign and return. The digitally signed copy will automatically be returned to our office.

ASIC documents and forms

We are now using NowInfinity to ensure that your ASIC records are maintained and up to date.

When your company annual statements are due, you will receive an email from Jamiesons/NowInfinity advising that your documents are available for signing and you will also receive a copy of your ASIC invoice for payment.

Reminders will be sent via email and text if your ASIC invoice is getting close to the due date. This should assist in preventing the exorbitant late fees charged by ASIC.

Tax and other documents

Going forward we are transitioning over from our existing system and documents may come from the existing system or will be sent via SuiteFiles for you to digitally sign.*

When your documents are ready for your signature, you will receive an email from Jamiesons/SuiteFiles advising that your documents are available for signing with a link to follow.

You will also receive reminders via email if your documents are left unsigned.

*Note: Not all documents can be digitally signed using these methods, and we will do our best to accommodate your personal needs and preferences.

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