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As you may know the activity of scammers is increasing and becoming more sophisticated.

 Recently a member of the public was left a message on his phone advising the ATO had issued a warrant for his arrest and were in the process of freezing his personal assets.   He was requested to call an 08 number immediately to talk about it.  Upon calling this number the person on the other end, who had a very thick accent, would not identify himself or what department he was from and when the member of the public advised he would report him to the police a verbal assault ensued.   

Clearly the above incident was a scam, for your protection please take the time to review the important information below  

 Should you have any queries please contact our office alternatively the contact details below if you have received any calls/emails that you are concerned about.


 Extracted from the ScamWatch website:

Do you know how to spot a scam?

We continue to see instances of scam emails, SMS or phone calls where criminals try to steal money or information from unsuspecting individuals and tax professionals. These scams can be very convincing. To protect personal information, it is important you and your clients know some of the common characteristics of a scam.

Usually, scam communications:

  • are unsolicited
  • do not address you by your name
  • ask you for your personal or financial information - we will never ask for personal or financial information via SMS and email
  • are poorly worded, containing spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • promise you money
  • contain an attachment or fake links requesting you to lodge a form, opening these attachments or links can cause you to download spyware or a virus.

How to report a scam

If a scammer or someone claiming to be from the ATO has contacted you, and you are unsure of the legitimacy, let us know.

You can:

  • verify the legitimacy of a communication or report a phone or SMS scam, by phoning us from 8.00am–6.00pm EST, Monday to Friday
  • report an unsolicited email claiming to be from us by forwarding the entire email to

If you think you have been a victim of a tax-related scam, phone us immediately. Your personal details (including your TFN), may be compromised.

You should also contact your bank/financial institution as soon as possible if you provided your credit card details as part of the suspected scam.

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